Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does VoteRiders stand on the voter ID laws/Why doesn’t VoteRiders express an opinion on the voter ID laws?

Though we acknowledge the restrictive nature of some states' voter ID laws, as a non-partisan organization, VoteRiders does not address the politics and policy considerations of the voter ID issue. There are many groups fighting voter ID laws, but we are not one of them. What we care about and strive toward is that every eligible voter will be able to vote. VoteRiders is focused on helping citizens get their voter IDs by meeting the requirements of their respective state’s law.

How are you helping people get their voter IDs?

VoteRiders has launched its three-fold plan through a pilot program in Houston/Harris County, Texas. Our on-the-ground Partner Organizations and others in the community, using our training materials, train volunteer Voter Advocates, host Voter ID Clinics and educate voters about the Texas voter ID law along with VoteRiders' services. Voter Advocates assist affected voters wherever they congregate, such as churches as well as community centers and gatherings. Importantly, we are also recruiting volunteer Attorney Voter Advocates in those states that require government-issued voter IDs or proof of citizenship to register to vote (AL, AZ, FL, GA, IN, KS, MS, NC, NH, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA and WI), who assist Partners (e.g., at Voter ID Clinics) as well as serve (from the convenience of their offices) in those communities where Partner Organizations do not yet exist.

What can I do to help people get their voter ID?

You can contribute to VoteRiders’ Voter ID Clinics to help ensure eligible citizens have the identification they need in order to vote. You can also refer attorneys you may know in our targeted states (AL, AZ, FL, GA, IN, KS, MS, NC, NH, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA and WI) to become Attorney Voter Advocates. Learn other ways you can help Spread the Word.

I want to donate but I want to know where my money goes!

Your contribution will help VoteRiders reach its goal of a nationwide network of Partner Organizations that conduct Voter ID Clinics and otherwise reach out to and assist voters to get their citizenship and identity documents on an ongoing basis. VoteRiders' Voter ID Clinics and Voter Advocate outreach will ensure that eligible citizens are able to exercise their right to vote by helping them get the documents they need to vote, such as a certified copy of a birth certificate. Funding also goes towards providing outreach for Partner Organizations so that their respective communities will know of such voter ID services. Please see more of what we do to do understand how your VoteRiders donation will help eligible citizens get their voter ID.

Does my state have a voter ID law?

Visit our Get Your Voter ID page to see if your state has a voter ID law, and if so, the requirements of the law.

Aren't voter ID and voter registration the same thing?

No! All states (except North Dakota) and Washington, DC, require that citizens who wish to vote must be registered. Currently 31 states require some form of identification each time you vote, although a voter ID is not needed in some of those states for mail-in ballots or under specified circumstances such as a permanent disability. Also, first-time voters across the nation, including those who have not voted in a previous Federal election or who have never voted in their county of residence in a Federal election, must present voter ID.

How can I know if my ID will be accepted at the polls?

Visit our Get Your Voter ID page to confirm you have a current, valid, acceptable form of voter ID. Also, check with your local, county or state elections board/registrar/clerk NOW to make sure the name and address on your ID are the same as those listed in your voter registration records.

Doesn’t everyone over 18 have an ID?