Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where does VoteRiders stand on the voter ID laws/Why doesn’t VoteRiders express an opinion on the voter ID laws?

As a non-partisan organization, VoteRiders does not address the politics and policy considerations of the voter ID issue.  There is a plethora of groups fighting voter ID laws, but we are not one of them.  What we care about and strive toward is that every eligible voter will be able to vote.  VoteRiders is focused on helping citizens get their voter IDs by meeting the requirements of their respective state’s laws.

  • How are you helping people get their voter IDs?

VoteRiders is launching its Voter ID Clinics to assist eligible citizens to get the documents required for a state-mandated photo ID to vote.  Click here to learn more about the Clinics.

  • What can I do to help people get their voter ID?

You can conduct or help at a Voter ID Clinic in your state!  Contact Us to obtain free training documents and materials.  You can also let us know the ways in which you’d like to volunteer

  • I don’t live in a state that has a voter ID law.  How can I help?

You can contribute to VoteRiders’ Voter ID Clinics to help ensure eligible citizens have the identification they need in order to vote.

  • I want to donate but I want to know where my money goes!

Your contribution will help VoteRiders reach its goal of a nationwide network of Partner Organizations that conduct Voter ID Clinics on an ongoing basis. VoteRiders' Voter ID Clinics will ensure that eligible citizens are able to exercise their right to vote by helping them get the underlying documents required for identification to vote.  Funding also goes towards providing marketing and outreach for Partner Organizations that are working to secure voter IDs for eligible citizens. Your support will also enable VoteRiders to produce and distribute compelling video and written stories of citizens who have problems getting their voter IDs. Click here to learn more about what your VoteRiders donation will do to help eligible citizens get their voter ID.

Voter ID Laws

  • Does my state have a voter ID law?

The National Conference of State Legislatures has created a comprehensive map and outline of Voter Identification Requirements for each state.  Click here to see if your state has a voter ID law, and if so, the requirements of the law.

  • How can I know if my ID will be accepted at the polls?

Check with your local, county or state elections board/registrar/clerk NOW to make sure the name and address on your ID are the same as those listed in your voter registration records.

  • Doesn’t everyone over 18 have an ID?

The short answer is no.  Click here to learn more about those whom voter ID laws affect most.