What We Do



VoteRiders is focused on making sure that no eligible citizen is denied his or her right to vote for lack of ID.

  • Programming

    • VoteRiders' on-the-ground Partner Organizations, using our training materials including state-specific bilingual Voter Questionnaires, train (volunteer) Voter Advocates and host Voter ID Clinics for their community. Click here to learn more.
    • Voter Advocates assist affected voters wherever they congregate, such as churches, synagogues and social service agencies as well as popular community gatherings such as festivals and county fairs.
    • Volunteer attorneys will be trained by VoteRiders through webinars to serve as Attorney Voter Advocates, especially in those communities where Partner Organizations do not yet exist. Click here to learn more.
  • Highlighting Best Practices

    • VoteRiders shines a light on the work of its on-the-ground Partner Organizations that are helping eligible citizens to secure voter IDs and any necessary underlying documents (birth certificates, etc.).
    • VoteRiders supports and shares some of its Partner Organizations’ latest activities and events.
  • Calls to Action

    • If you or any organization is interested in conducting or volunteering at a Voter ID Clinic, please contact us!
    • You can help by signing the Pledge to Take a Friend to the DMV - to get their voter ID! NOW is the time to reach out to your family, friends and neighbors to help them get the documents they need for their voter IDs.
    • VoteRiders also emphasizes the importance and immediacy of the voter ID issue through videos and other media that share the plight of citizen voters’ personal stories.  Video and written stories of these individuals’ accounts are submitted by YOU for possible uploading to VoteRiders’ YouTube Channel or even to appear within videos VoteRiders will produce.
  • Media
    • VoteRiders reaches out through traditional and social media to highlight the latest voter ID news and activities and to inspire individuals to obtain their voter ID or help others obtain voter IDs through its Action Campaigns such as Voter ID Clinics and Pledge.
    • VoteRiders extends its media outreach to national as well as local TV, radio and newspaper outlets in targeted states, cities and communities.