Our Vote Live Reports

The following voter ID reports were gathered from OurVoteLive.org, which logs and organizes election-related problems and inquiries across the USA and was created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  The website allows the general public a window into the Election Protection Coalition's (EPC) voter assistance efforts by providing anonymized versions of EPC's records. This page provides a large sample of voter ID-specific reports listed on the OurVoteLive website from 7:00am to 10:27pm EST on November 6, 2012.


Voter ID Presidential Swing States

FL 4:56pm
College student not allowed to vote because address on driver's license was from out of state, even though student ID was provided.

FL 4:48pm 
Description: Voter had no photo ID but had signature and proof of address, voter was refused a provisional ballot. 

FL 4:06pm
Description: Voter's drivers license expired yesterday but he had ordered a new one last week and had confirmation of his order. He wanted to know if he was going to be allowed to vote.
Action Taken: advised to bring both his expired address and his proof of order for the new license. 

FL 3:35pm
Description: Voter had acceptable ID but was not allowed to vote.
Action Taken: Verified that voter had acceptable ID and advised contacting election supervisor. 

FL 2:06pm
Description: Long lines resulting from short staff aggressively checking ID

FL 10:07am
Description: Wanted polling information and verification of what forms of ID were acceptable. Provided information.

FL 10:02am
Description: Caller wanted to report that she heard on the radio that a red hat polling security person was only checking IDs for African American people in line. She did not have a polling location where this was occurring, only what she heard on the radio.
Action Taken: Reported

FL 9:50am
Description: Voter was turned away from the polls and was told she was not registered. Voter believes she is registered. Voter was offered a provisional ballot.
Action Taken: Looked up voter on Florida elections website, but was unable to find her. Referred her to the local election board

FL 9:50am
Description: Voter lost ID, but had student ID. Voter was told student ID would be acceptable and in the event student ID denied, voter was told to vote via provisional ballot.

FL 9:34am
Description: Voter without ID wants to know if she can vote with another form of ID. Voter did not have any forms of ID as accepted by state of Florida. Voter had to vote via provisional ballot.

MI 10:27p.m. ET
Description: Was in a long line at the polling place. There was a woman standing outside shouting at the people in line, "Don't forget you need your ID to vote." Then asked a poll worker, and poll worker said it's true, you need your photo ID to vote. Caller persisted, and poll worker finally admitted no ID was required. When caller got up to the table, she was asked for ID. There was out on the table a laminated notice stating ID is required, but can sign an affidavit if you don't have one.

MI 8:17pm
Description: voter was turned away because address on driver's license did not match registration address. was not offered provisional ballot.

MI 8:06pm
Description: Precinct 41 is requiring id, swiping id and refusing entry without id. Actual voter had id and did vote but reported the issue to caller.

MI 7:23pm
Description: Poll worker insisted on ID; said that "no ID, no vote."

MI 4:11pm
Description: Caller reported 3 voters were required to present ID.

MI 4:03pm
Description: Poll workers asked for ID, he said no, but the poll worker pushed him for ID and he finally showed it. Worker did not mention the affidavit option.

MI 3:29pm
Description: Unnecessary voter ID requests lead to lines two hours long.

MI 2:24pm
Description: Potential voter intimidation by poll workers asking all voters for ID with no affidavit option.

MI 2:19pm
Description: Signs at polling places telling voters to have ID ready.
Action Taken: Township clerk took the signs down. 

MI  1:07pm
Description:  Voter was told that if they signed an affidavit for ID instead of photo ID that their vote would not count.

MI 12:38pm
Description:  Voter had his wallet stolen yesterday and wanted to know if he will be able to vote.
Action Taken:  Advised that under MI law and he will be able to vote so long as he signs an affidavit.

MI 10:41am
Description: Voter wanted info on Michigan voter ID law.
Action Taken: Voter was given ID information.

MI 10:13am
Description: Voter inquiring whether he needed to bring ID to vote and if it could be expired.

MI 9:50am
Description: Scio Township poll workers saying drivers license required and that is not the case.

OH 9:15pm
Description: Violation of buffer zone

OH 8:19pm
Description: Voter turned away from his polling location after presenting passport as ID.

OH 8:07pm
Description: Voter did not have Ohio ID. Poll worker did not explain to her what other forms of ID are acceptable.

OH 7:33pm
Description: Caller voted early but received a phone call about the type of identication that is required to vote in Ohio.
Action Taken: Informed voter of the valid forms of identification.

OH 4:49pm
Description: Multiple voters not permitted to vote because ID address did not match poll list, contrary to OH law.

OH 4:03pm
Description: Voter asked about types of identification; only has social security card
Action Taken: Informed voter that she will be able to vote using a provisional ballot only

OH 2:43pm
Description: Many college students being turned away or given provisionals because addresses on ID didn’t match registration.
Action Taken: Board of Election contacted.

OH 2:43pm
Description: Poll workers requiring photo ID only. 

OH  1:21pm
Description:  Voters told they need more ID.
Action Taken: Reported to Board of Elections.

VA 7:25pm
Description: Campaign worker called in with complaint about polling place, Cuffee Center on Windy Road in Chesapeake, Va. She reported that voters are being turned away for not having two IDs even if in system.
Action Taken: I told the caller that I would record the issue and try to determine whether other callers are reporting the  same complaint.

VA 4:48pm
Description: Voter with driver's license turned away because he did not specifically have his voter ID card.
Action Taken: Advised voter that he should have been able to vote, and suggested trying again. 

VA 4:06pm
Description: Voter not allowed to vote because address on driver's license did not match address on registration.

VA 4:00pm
Description: First time Virginia voter required to provide photo ID; registration card insufficient.

VA 10:33am
Description: Voter inquiring about Virginia voter ID requirements.
Action Taken: Voter was informed about ID requirements.

VA 12:51pm
Description:  Voter reported that polling place  was requiring all voters to show two forms of ID.

VA 9:41am
Description: Inquiry on what ID is required if caller cannot locate voter registration card.

Voter ID US Senate States

AZ 8:01pm
Description: Voter was asked to present photo ID instead of just voter registration card

AZ 4:55pm
Description: Voter was required to submit photo ID. Arizona law does not necessarily require photo identification.

AZ 4:50pm
Description: Elderly voters being required to show ID and utility bill, but retirement home doesn't give utility bills - turned away 50 voters.

AZ 12:20pm
Description: Voter given provisional ballot because their middle name on their ID was different then on the register

MO 10:18am
Description: Polling place telling people that they must have a MO issued ID with a current address or they'll only give a provisional ballot.
Action Taken: Need to follow up, as information is incorrect

MO 9:48am
Description: Voter asked to have ID ready - not allowing vote without voter card. Challenger backed off when she challenged.

MO 9:47am
Description: Wrong voter identification logs at polling place.

MO 9:44am
Description: Voter did not receive voter indentification card and was not on the roster of voters, despite the fact that he voted in 2008.
Action Taken: Told to go to polling place and cast a provisional ballot. Was given phone number to verify with SOS. 

Where (Else) the Action Is

PA 9:33pm
Description: Voter was asked to present identification Long time voter forbidden to vote

PA: 9:21pm
Description: Reports niece, Tyesha Floyd, in PA going to vote for first time and was asked to produce ID. She did, but was told that ID was not valid because it would expire within the next six months. Voter was not permitted to vote and did not vote by provisional.

PA 8:18pm
Description: First time voter was asked for ID as well as voter registration card.

PA 8:18pm
Description: Voter reported being asked for ID at his PA polling place.

PA 8:12pm
Description: First time voter had her voter ID card, but was told that photo ID was also required.

PA 8:12pm
Description: First time voter turned away after failing to produce a photo ID.

PA 8:11pm
Description: Poll watcher observed papers which instructed voters that a voter ID is required without any clarifying details.  Voter saw this as intimidation.
Action Taken: Told voter that these postings are permissible insofar as they are needed for first time voters. (and first time voters at new polling places)

PA 7:59pm
Description: Voter turned away even though she provided Student ID.  Poll workers were impolite and appeared to discriminate against this voter.
Action Taken: Voter was encouraged to go back to polling place and again try to vote.

PA 7:56pm
Description: second hand information from social media, friend posted address and said people were being turned away because they did not have id
Action Taken: Told her friend to tell everyone they did not need an ID to vote.

PA 7:33pm
Description: Poll workers asked twice for ID which voter refused to produced. They were acting as officious intermeddlers. Not aware of current law -- Trying to enforce what was overturned. Voter says they were not properly trained.

PA 7:32pm
Description: Had voter registration card but was told she needed photo ID to vote. Was turned away. Asked to vote provisional ballot. Was told she could not get one.

PA 4:56pm
Description: First time voter with registration card not allowed to vote without photo ID.

PA 4:51pm
Description: Voter asked for photo ID because registration was cancelled in 2010.

PA 4:18pm
Description: Poll worker insisted on PHOTO ID, would not accept state voter ID.

PA 4:18pm
Description: First time voters being required to show ID. 

PA 4:06pm
Description: Voter required to provide two different forms of photo ID in order to vote.

PA 4:00pm
Description: There is a poll worker being forced to ask for ID.

PA 4:00pm
Description: First time voter's state-issued ID card rejected.
Action Taken: Advised to speak with Board of Election.

PA 3:29pm
Description: Voter experienced harassing requests for ID coupled with threats of not being allowed to vote.

PA 2:43pm
Description: Poll worker exhibits frustration when voter refused to provide ID when asked. 

PA 2:19pm
Description: Long time voter asked to show ID. 

PA 2:06pm
Description: Intimidating demands for ID, signs up saying “ID Required”

PA 1:17pm
Description: Voter in Philadelphia was required to show ID to sign in and vote.

PA  12:56pm
ID problem: Voter was asked to present identification
Public Description: Voter reported polling workers stating they are required to ask for ID. Also, poll workers said that a sign placed by Obama supports stating that ID is not required will have to come down.

PA 12:43pm
Polling place problem: Provisional ballot problem
Description:  The voter told that if they don't present photo ID they will have to vote by provisional ballot even though their registration card indicates that voter ID is not necessary. The voter and his wife provided photo ID and was given a paper ballot.
Action Taken: The voter wants someone to call him back to see what can be done with the polling place personnel.

PA 12:26pm
Description: Voter reported signs at poll location stating: "First time voters, ID required" and "Show ID." 

PA 12:07pm
Description: Voter registration was not accepted as ID, after voter protested she was eventually allowed to vote

PA 10:52am
Description: Voter was told he couldn't vote without ID and was "screamed at for not having ID." Voter was allowed to vote upon producing ID.

PA 10:51am
Description: Poll worker sitting outside of the polling place stating that "you need voter id to vote".

PA 10:45am
Description: Voter witnessed poll workers informing voters that requiring ID "will be the law in the future," and stating that "it will be easier if you provide ID" and inapprioprately asking "if you board a plane do you show ID?"
Action Taken: COS field officers sent to the polling station.

PA 10:39am
Description: Poll worker stated voters were required to show ID. Poll worker required ID from two African Americans, but did not require ID from other individual.

PA 10:26am
Description: Voter was asked to go home and get ID to vote. Voter's persistence enabled him to vote.

PA 10:26am
Description: Poll worker told voter that poll workers are required to ask for ID.

PA 10:17am
Description: Poll workers asking ID said they would "put a big check mark" on voter rolls by the names of those without ID.

PA 10:17am 
Description: Voter told he could not vote without ID because he hadn't voted in a number of years, even though he voted in 2008.

PA 10:13am
Description: Voter refused to provide ID when asked by poll workers; poll workers begrudgingly allowed him to vote.

PA 10:13am 
Description: Flyer posted at polling place stating "voter ID required for this election".

PA 10:11am
Description: Voter asked to show ID and was allowed to vote after producing ID.

PA 9:42am
Description: Voter asked for photo ID, presented ID to avoid shame, felt workers were very racist and aggressive.

PA 9:35am
Description: Voter indicated that a sign was posted with Voter ID required in big letters and you can vote without ID was in small letters. He felt that it was intimidating.

PA 9:28am
Description: Voter was voting for the first time and was asked to show ID, he did and was allowed to vote. 

PA 9:13am
Description: Voter reported that a poll worker was walking through the line of potential voters asking for ID.

PA 9:11am
I went to vote this morning after work. I voted in Thornbury Twp, Delaware County, Pa at Bethlehem United Methodist Church, precinct 2. When I gave my name I was asked for ID, which I purposely did not have. When I told them I did not have it they told me I needed ID to vote. I told them that they could ask me for it but that I didn't have to produce it. They looked blank and like they wanted to stop me from voting then finally said, Oh and let me through. I have been voting there for over 30 years so it wasn't my first time there.

PA 9:08am
Description: Voter was asked for photo ID, but was not allowed to vote even though his name was in the book.

PA 8:59am
Description: Voter reports that all voters are being asked to produce identification.

PA 8:45am
Description: Voter claimed that polling place workers were asking individuals to produce IDs. However, they do not believe any one was turned away for failure to produce an ID. 

PA 8:45am
Description: Two women came out of the voting place and said they weren't allowed to vote because they didn't have identification. The women were registered to vote.

PA 8:44am
Description: Big sign stating saying VOTER ID REQUIRED.

PA 8:44am
Description: Voter asked for ID, and wondered if they could ask 

PA 8:46am
Description: Voter reports that poll worker is demanding photo ID, even though he knows that the voter ID law is not in effect, and is handing out outdated literature related to ID needed under the voter ID law.

PA 8:45am
Description: Caller reporting sign saying voter ID required to vote.

PA 8:37am
Description: Official-looking sign at the poll says "please show id." Voter complained & judge of elections told him the sign was required by the county voter service. Voter called the county, county said "not so" and they would call judge of elections to take down the sign.

PA 8:37am
Description: Sign on door saying voter ID required please have it ready to show.

PA 8:35am
Description: 1st time vote & his fiancee (who recently moved) were asked to produce photo ID rather than simply their poll card. They were also questioned regarding their wearing an Obama t-shirt & a pin supporting Obama.

PA 8:16am (corrected time)
Description: Voter asked to show ID, poll worker told her the "court required to ask for ID" 

PA 8:16am (corrected time)
Description: Judge of Elections overrode poll worker wanting to hold voter aside because the voter did not show ID

PA 7:51am (corrected time)
Description: Voter was asked to present ID at polling place

PA 7:37am (corrected time)
Description: Verify PA voter ID law

Other Voter ID States

AL 3:22pm
Description: Pardoned felon who was released in ’01 and voted in ’08 and ’12 was required to show full reinstatement papers or vote provisional.

DE 4:52pm
Description: Voter walked in polling place and name was found on registration rolls. Then, a second poll worker said he needed to show an ID, caller said it's not required, he had read the newspaper and knew ID wasn't required. The workersaid she didn't care. She said he couldn't vote without ID. So he showed it and voted. 

DE 4:02pm
Description: Poll workers asking for ID and refused to allow voters to vote who did not produce ID.
Action Taken: Advised caller that voter ID is not required of voters in his and his friends' situation.

DE 8:38am
Description: Caller reporting that asked for ID to vote. Feels that the poll workers are racist and will intimidate people who do not produce ID.

GA 4:08pm
Description: College student not allowed to vote because ID address did not match registration.
Action Taken: Voter cast a provisional ballot.

ID 2:13pm
Description: Voter had to fill out affidavit form because he did provide ID. Voter had to locate a form himself, and then had to go to the back of the line. 

SC 4:02pm
Description: Poll workers ignorant of the law asking for both registration cards and photo ID.  

SC 12:20pm
Description: Caller inquiring about ID required in order for her mother to vote.

SC 10:14am
Description: Voter inquired whether ID is required to vote in South Carolina.

SC 9:25am
Description: Voter had moved since he was last registered.
Action Taken: Informed her that "Any qualified voter who moves to another address in the same precinct will, even without notifying the County Board of Registration, be allowed to vote at that precinct’s polling place once the voter has made an oral or written affirmation of the address change."

SC 9:13am
Description: Voter asked if she could present college identification. Voter was informed of proper ID required and how to cast provisional ballot.

SC 8:00am (corrected time)
Description: Voter did not have lost driver's license and registration card, told to vote via provisional ballot

TN 7:20pm
Description: Caller's daughter attempted to vote, has a voter id card and photo id. She waited in line for4 3 hours and was finally told that her card was too old. She was turned away, with little to no additional information. Voter noticed that other caucasian voters with the same issue were not turned away and were told to go ahead and vote this time. They eventually sent her to the right polling location, but only upon her persistence.
Action Taken: Voter's mother wanted to register her concern and felt that it was discriminatory behavior.

TN 4:06pm
Description: Voter without photo ID due to financial constraints inquired whether he could vote.
Action Taken: Voter informed that the polling place should allow him to file an affidavit stating that he could not obtain a ID due to indigence.

TN 9:35am
Description: Tammy is driving elderly voters around and had two reports of George St precinct asking for id. Caller said poll worker said if they returned with their id, they would also not be allowed to vote.

TN 9:15am
Description: Voter wanted to know if ID was required. Confirmed that identification is required.

TN 9:29am
Description: Voter ID cards got mixed up with forms, and some of the ID cards weren't "accessible" to vote. Polling worker apologized. Gave another woman a card saying she'd voted, even though she hadn't voted yet.

TN 8:44am
Description: Elderly voter in nursing home has valid TN ID w/o a photo. Normally a photo ID is required, but individuals in licensed nursing homes are exempt from this requirement.

TX 9:35am
Description: Wanted to know ID requirements.

TX 9:09am
Description: Voter had question about ID and registration and moving.

UT 8:07pm
Description:  Precinct 12 in Utah poll workers was turning away voters that did not have photo identification. Poll workers were requesting drivers licenses or passports. Caller asked if student I.D. was allowed and poll workers said it would not. Caller presented a drivers license and was able to vote. Many others were turned away.
Action Taken: Report made and following up with election volunteers.

UT  2:12pm
Description: Misleading signs stating "have your Utah D.L." ready suggests driver's license is the only acceptable form of voter ID.
Action Taken: Notified election official who will take down misleading signs.

Other States

CA 8:12pm
Description: Registered voter (not first time voter) turned away when she did not present an ID upon request
Action Taken: Volunteer going to polling station now.

CA 10:36am
Description: Voter heard a news reporting ID was needed to vote. Voter worried that members of the community might not vote because of the report.
Action Taken: Voter was informed of ID requirements in CA. 

IA 7:54pm
Description: Voter called to report voters being asked for ID in certain IA precincts. Election Protection is calling Board of Elections.
Action Taken: Election Protection is calling Board of Elections to inquire about ID being asked for at these precincts.

IL 7:57pm
Description: Voter was told that they needed her drivers' license. Voter told them it was illegal; and they said it was required. Voter was told to "do what we tell you" or she would not be able to vote. This occurred on Saturday, and she did not believe me when I told her that a form of photo identification is required for early voting.

IL 7:21 pm
Description: Voter reported that the polling place located at 1148 N. Honore in Chicago requires IDs. He called the Chicago Board of Elections and they also told me that IDs are required.

IL  2:40pm
Description: Poll workers asking for ID at all precincts.

IL 2:24pm
Description: Poll worker demanded voter ID and said it was state law.

MA  2:16pm
Description: Poll watcher demanding ID and turning away registered voters. 

MD 9:50am
Description: Went to vote, had DL and proof of address. Sent to multiple lines and left polls because of long lines.

MN 8:07pm
Description: Election judge asked three voters for ID even though they were registered to vote.  They happened to have IDs with them and so voted, but should not have been required to show ID.
Action Taken: Informed command center.

MN 4:11pm
Description: Voter ID proponent accosting voters.
Action Taken: Reported to election officials.

MN 10:23am
Description: Voter with an ID without current address inquired on how to vote. Voter does not have a utility bill or a student ID.

MN 8:48am
Description: Voter had do address on ID, and no utlity bill.
Action Taken: Gave him instrucitons on vouching

NC 8:18pm
Description: At one polling location voter was asked for ID.  At another location he was not asked for ID.

NC 4:48pm
Description: Voter believes he was ask for photo ID based on profiling.

NC  2:59pm
Description: Poll workers cause error and demand ID from voter.

NC 10:07am
Description: Wanted to know whether needed an ID to vote for first time voter.

NC 9:28am
Description: Caller was concerned that some voters were being given provisional ballots and being told by poll workers that the provisional ballot may not count.
Action Taken: Told caller how provisional ballots work.

NC 8:59am
Description: First time voter registered by mail concerned that he would have to show proof of address or ID at the polling station even though he has a registration card.

NC 8:27am
Description: Voter was required to show picture ID. He said that he went through the first line and received the sheet to take over to the ballot table. At that time, they said the woman at the initial table did not check off a picture ID on the form and that he would have to show a picture ID to vote. He said that all people at the polling place had to show ID.

NC 8:23am
Description: Voter sent in absentee ballot with proof of identification, but is listed at polling place as a non-verified voter
Action Taken: Suggested she bring her passport or a bank statement or utility bill.

NE  4:10pm
Description: Seniors from retirement home being required to provide ID.

NJ 4:00pm
Description: Voter experiences problems because he is told that his signature didn't match with his ID and registration.

NJ 1:26pm
Description:  Voter was told needed to show ID - Poll workers trained to require ID.
Action Taken:  Contacted Hudson County Superintendent of Elections to report problems.

NJ 10:41am
Description: Voter inquired about hoax texts and ID requirements 

NJ 10:41am
Description: Caller wanted to check on acceptable forms of ID in NJ.

NJ 10:13am
Description: Student wanted to confirm ID requirements.

NY 8:04pm
Description: Voters were presenting IDs at polling place. Poll workers took IDs when voters presented ID and looked at them. Not clear if poll workers were asking for them or not. But poll workers appeared to be checking them. Some of the voters' English language skills were limited and possibly workers were trying to match names; there were some poll workers with language skills but no translators.

NY  2:43pm
Description: Several voters asked to produce photo ID in order to vote.

NY 8:08pm
Description: Poll workers requiring ID. Poll workers giving confusing or incorrect information about affidavit ballots, telling voters their vote would not count.

NY 10:51am
Description: Voter was asked for ID. When she stated that she wasn't required to have ID, she was allowed to vote. Voter is concerned that poll worker was intimidating other voters.

NY 10:49am
Description: Voter registered in Brooklyn but did not receive voter ID card.
Action Taken: Voter was informed that she could vote after providing ID.

NY 10:25am
Description: Poll workers asking everyone for ID, voter was allowed to vote after showing ID.

NY 10:06am
Description: Caller inquired about whether her ID address being different than her registered address would be a problem.

WI 8:05pm
Description: Voters asked to show ID before voting although not turned away if they didn't produce one.

WI 4:50pm
Description: Poll worker was asking students for photo ID. 

WI 9:50am
Description: Voter told couldn't register with Dept. of Education loan doc.
Action Taken: Voter told that was acceptable. Voter will return to register.

WI 9:21am
Description: "concerned citizen monitor" insisting to Chief Inspector that ID required, Chief Inspector put the individual on the phone with the city clerk, who confirmed no ID required.

No State Listed 7:32pm
Description: poll workers gave incorrect info (Charlie Pearl & Miss Kase) about ID requirements and discouraged voter ahead of complaining voter who left; asked this voter for ID and said it was required when voter was neither new nor recent moved

Stated not listed 1:22pm
Description:  Voter inquiring about acceptable forms of ID.
Action Taken: Informed of acceptable forms of ID.

State not listed 1:17pm
Description: Voter does not have ID as his wallet was stolen.
Action Taken:  Informed him of ID options and advised him to cast provisional ballot.

State Not listed 1:07pm
ID problem: Voter produced identification
Description:  Service woman not allowed to vote when providing military ID.

State Not listed 1:02pm
Description:  Poll Worker walking up and down line asking for ID.
Action Taken:  Field Volunteer went to investigate.

State Not Listed 12:07pm
Description:  Voter's driver's license had incorrect address and voter was told he was not allowed to vote. 
Action Taken: Voter was advised to contact Board of Elections Office and informed of his right to cast a provisional ballot.

State Not Listed 9:50am
Description: Voter changed name after marriage, inquired whether she would need ID.

State Not Listed 9:48am
Description: Voter moved in June 2011 and updated license including voter registration at DMV. Polling location did not have current address for voter but did for his wife. He was being told to do a provisional ballot, but he wanted to do a regular ballot.

State Not listed 9:35am
Description: Voter is not registered and has changed name; voter does not have ID with current name. Wants to know how to register.
Action Taken: Advised voter of registration options.

State Not listed 9:35am 
Description: Registrars asking for ID along with POR so they would have a number to put in the registration form.

State Not Listed 9:28am
Description: Hispanic voter went to vote this morning, workers couldn't find her name, after 2 hours they finally found her name. 

State Not Listed 9:01am
Voter with out registration card inquired about the acceptable forms of ID

State Not Listed 8:59am
Description: People went to old Polling Station which was closed. Directed to the correct station. When they arrived at correct station, they were told that their name was not on the list; given a Provisional Ballot. Contacted Hillsborough SOE Office to report problem.

State not listed. 8:29 am
Description: Poll monitor reported that poll workers were not accepting driver's licenses with addresses that do not match the poll book.

State Not Listed 8:35am
Description: Voter asked to present ID

State Not Listed 8:28am
Description: Voter submitted copy of ID w/ voter registration application, but was required to produce ID after showing new voter registration card when trying to vote. The polling worker told her that she didn't need ID, but another worker told her that she was required to show one. Voter showed her driver's license.

State not listed 8:00am (corrected time)
Description: Poll workers insisted on photo ID, voter provided ID but insisted she did not have to, poll workers said it was the law and had to have photo ID to vote.

State Not Listed 7:58am (corrected time)
Description: Voter stated polling place was asking for ID when not supposed to. Voter was upset, but not prevented from voting

State not listed 7:58am (corrected time)
Description: Voter was asked for ID, voter said it was not required, poll worker agreed but still asked for ID. Caller concerned poll workers inquiries may intimidate uneducated voters. 

State not listed 7:53am (corrected time)
Description: Registered voter told she was not registered at the polling place, workers asked for photo ID.

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